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Simply put, Scicada helps you “PlanBuildOperate” your online presence:

Social communication strategy (:plan)

Evaluate goals and needs, develop custom made strategies and propose an adoption path that ties with specific business or marketing needs. Indicatively, this task includes the following.

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  • Develop a comprehensive online strategy identifying needs, audiences, objectives, measurable goals. This task entails:
    • an assessment of client’s current online presence and assets
    • research competition’s online presence and strategy
    • identification of  best practice cases for the specific market or need
    • assessment of the optimal online channels of communication

  • Emphasis is given to the production of original ideas tailored to the client’s needs, goals and restrictions.
  • Develop an action plan to fit the strategy (whether on online marketing & branding, social media adoption, customer oriented ethic, etc)
  • Ideation and facilitation: internalize knowledge of the new media scene through structu red seminars or workshops
  • And, finally, design the appropriate buzz building tactics
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