Coaching guidanceAll too often, the management of an online social action plan is not a task that can be readily assigned to internal staff (which is already overwhelmed, or simply is not adequately familiar with the proper use of social online tools). The assessment of internal capabilities is critical in organizations who have not yet established a long term strategy and an internal organizational structure to cope with the new challenges.

There are many examples of clients worldwide that had to put up with adverse publicity after insufficient management of a corporate blog, or even a seemingly “simple” facebook page or twitter account.

The management of an online plan for a kick-off period ensures that there is time for familiarization before the tasks are handed over to the right person/s internally and a proper internal structure is established.

In more complex projects (like corporate knowledge management) the management of a project requires close collaboration between experts and client teams and for this task we also draw valuable resources from our ever expanding professional network.

These tasks are agreed on a case-by-case basis but may involve some of the following services:

  • Social media identity management
  • Content creation coordination
  • Conversation moderation
  • Training & Toolkit development (e.g. content, moderators’ toolkit, social media management)
  • Management of online communities

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