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Who we are

Looking through connections

  • A new-media agency …
    Operating at the intersection between communication, business and technology
  • …skilled to cope with …
    We combine different skills and rich expertise under one roof and within a network-centric organization of the 21st century
  • …a time of change.
    ..to help you understand, connect with and utilize the models and tools of the convergent era


What we do

Making dreams of flying a reality

  • Strategy
    We develop strategies and propose adoption paths that tie with specific business or marketing needs
  • Deployment
    We undertake the implementation of the strategy and the action plan, deploying cost-effective technology solutions.
  • Management
    We operate your social media tools and manage your social media assets.


How we think

A tool can be a toy and vice versa

  • Creativity & Original thinking
    No two clients are the same – No two problems are the same: We advise our clients without any preset ideas.
  • We listen
    We keep an open ear to the client needs but we also exploit the valuable in-built knowledge in any organization.
  • You buzz – we buzz
    Your success ensures our prosperity and that’s why we invest in our long term relationship.



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